About Amrita

Highly-acclaimed Odissi dancer, Amrita Banerjee, started her dancing career at the
age of two with her first performance as a soloist. Amrita’s passion for Indian
classical dance led her to a degree in Odissi from Bombay University.

She is also well-versed in other Indian dance styles ranging from folk and Bengali
traditional to Kathak and Bollywood and has combined different dance forms in her
previous performances, blending them together with great perfection. Jugalbandi,
an Indian fusion, is her specialty. She is also a Dentist and an Oral Surgeon and has managed both her careers very well throughout her life.

Amrita has been performing for more than two decades, captivating a wide range
of audiences with her charm and grace on a National and International level. She
has been involved in choreography for shows based on Odissi and has conducted various bollywood workshops in schools in India and the UK.

Her performances in Odissi include Mangalacharan, Pallavi, Abinayas and Dance
dramas. Amrita’s renditions of ”Geet Govind”, a dance drama based on the life story
of Krishna, and “Manini-Radhike “based on the life story of Radha , two of the most
loved performances all over India, have been well-received and entertained many
audiences for over 30 years.

Amrita is also very passionate about singing and cooking. She is trained in Indian classical and bengali music and used to perform at shows throughout the early years of education as well as in her dental school. Her love for cooking started at a very young age and she learnt this art from her mother. She further developed her skills and now specialises in different cuisines including Indian, English, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and many others. Please visit her facebook page to explore the most simple and easy, exciting and quirkiest recipes.